This Square Modular Origami Box is another one of Tomoko Fuse’s beautiful origami box models. It kind of reminds me of ribbons that are intertwined. The original title for this model is Square Box with Butterfly Swirl 四角箱ふた 蝶まんじ. This diagrams to this design is published in the book “Origami of Wrapping and Boxes (paid link) つつむ 折り紙 箱の 折り紙” by Tomoko Fuse 布施知子, page 30, 31. Even though the book was published in 2007, you can still get the book in print, but also as a Kindle book.

Update: Since writing this article, I also started a section about my own personal origami book library. I described the book “Origami of Wrapping and Boxes” briefly here.

Square Modular Origami Box

The Square Modular Origami Box is made from 4 square sheets of paper (Kami or other origami paper) and has a color change. In my example, I used 4 identical colored Kami papers – but you could use different colored paper to mix up the design.

This model is suitable for beginners as the folding is amazingly simple, yet so elegant. This is so true of all models of Tomoko Fuse. I think by the amount of overall models I have folded over the years from Tomoko Fuse, you can see that I truly admire her work.

Square Modular Origami Box

The book recommends you use 15 cm/ 5.9 in paper, but I made a smaller version with 10 cm paper.

As an add on you could fold X or T dividers, similar to those that are shown in the Modular Windmill Origami Box. This is possible as most of Tomoko Fuse’s models conform to certain measurements.

Square Modular Origami Box
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