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Make a happy little “shark mark” shark bookmark! Great for celebrating Shark Week or for any time you’re diving into a particularly delicious book.

Shark Bookmarks-2

It’s almost SHARK WEEK! It may be a little for us to introduce the boys to the fabulousness of sharks, but we’ll still be watching the shark goodness starting in June on the Discovery Channel.

Each year I keep meaning to make project for Shark Week and of course, each year I get to it too late. But this time I am on top of things and I decided to make some Shark Marks! Bookmarks, that is.

I have two methods for you to make these. First is a printable template PDF, which you can cut out and use to cut your pieces of paper. OR, if you have a Cricut Explore or other electronic cutter, you can download the free SVG files and cut them.

Shark Bookmark Supplies

  • Red, gray, white, and black paper (or blue, if you want a blue shark)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors (if cutting by hand)
  • Hole punch (optional)
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Make these happy little

Shark Bookmark Assembly

Make these happy little

Cut out all of your pieces, either by hand or on your cutting machine. (Pardon my crummy rushing-during-naptime step-by-step photos!) For the eyes, you can either trace the template or use a hole punch, like I did.

Make these happy little

Fold over the two triangle flaps of your shark head to make the above square shape. Don’t glue yet!

Make these happy little

Glue your red mouth piece to the base of the square, inside the flaps.

Make these happy little

Glue the back of the top flap to the front of the back flap, so that page can be inserted. Glue teeth into place, behind the flap.

Make these happy little

Glue eyes and fin and you’re done! I can’t believe how happy they are. Happy happy sharks, ready to keep your page for you.

Make these happy little

Other Sharky Goodness

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