In my Origami Square Tall Twist Box Tutorial, I would like to show you how to fold this elegant 4-sided tall origami box. The 20 Sided Origami Twist Box from last time looked very different than this design, but surprisingly they are both based on the same twist maneuver.

The Square Tall Origami Twist Box is based on the twist fold, which was discovered by several origami experts like Tomoko Fuse, Shuzo Fujimoto, Toshikazu Kawasaki. If you understand the principles of this one maneuver, you can create incredible interesting origami shapes. This is just one of the things you can fold.

Origami Square Tall Twist Box Tutorial

I specifically designed this Square Tall Origami Twist Box so it holds a certain Origami Long Rose I’ve folded. If you would like to get more details to that rose, have a look at the Long Origami Rose article.

Where To Start?

You will need two pieces of paper: one for the lid and one for the bottom of the box. You can use the measurements that I used [Lid: 7.2 cm x 16 cm; Lid option 2: 7.2 cm x 15 cm; Bottom: 12 cm x 15 cm] or choose your own.

Choose Your Own Measurement

If you want to choose your own measurements, please just take into account that the twist closing proportion (segment height to segment length) is 1:1. This is actually the easiest twist box you can choose to fold. Any other n-sided box uses a different proportion (I call this number sometimes Multiplication Factor). If you would like to learn more about how you can calculate your own proportions, please refer to this article, the Origami Incense Sachet Tutorial.

Origami Square Tall Twist Box Tutorial

The Basic Principle of Origami Twist Boxes

If you want to fold a 4 sided origami twist box, you need to add an additional 5th segment. This last segment connects to the first one, so the box is closed. Normally I make this overlapping segment exactly the same size as the other ones. Below I mention a reason why you would want to have the last segment one a bit shorter than all the other ones.

Another general origami box advice is to make the lid a bit larger than the bottom of the box. In my example: lid segment length: 3.2 cm; bottom segment length: 3 cm. This tiny difference per segment length is enough to make the box lid slide nicely over the box bottom.

Origami Square Tall Twist Box Tutorial

Second Lid Option

Above I mentioned a second lid option with a size of 7.2 cm x 15 cm. For some of you, the second option with 15 cm length is more convenient, as most commercial Kami papers come in exactly 15 cm length.

As you already read, you can make the overlapping segment either the same size or shorter. I wanted to show you the second lid option if you want to use the same size paper for the lid and bottom. In that case you shorten the overlapping segment for the lid a bit, so it fits your overall 15 cm Kami measurement.

Origami Square Tall Twist Box Tutorial

What Is The Next Step?

After you sorted out the paper sizes, please pre-crease as shown in my rough sketch above. In my video, I don’t show you this step, as it is quite basic. Remember that all segments need to be the same width (except the overlapping segment if you choose the Second Lid Option).

Origami Square Tall Twist Box Tutorial

Difficult Part of the Square Twist Box

I would suggest you start (as shown in the video) with the lid. The lid is easier, as the twist is done on the outside. After you mastered how to collapse the lid twist maneuver, go on with the bottom of the box. The maneuver for the bottom is exactly the same, but it is done on the inside of the forming box. This is probably the most difficult part of the whole 4 sided twist box.

Tools or Just Fingers

When I started thinking of this particular box, I adjusted the measurements to fit a certain long origami rose. But this meant that it might be too narrow for you to use your fingers to do the twist maneuver for the bottom of the box. You can help yourself with long crafting tweezers.

Don’t Be Frustrated

In any case, please know that you cannot rush the step of the collapsing of the bottom of the box. It took me a while to slowly direct the folds into a star shape, and then suddenly they will bend to their natural direction and the twist will happen by itself. Please take time!

Decorative Shaping of the Lid

There are many different ways how you can finish the lid. In my video, I show you one way, but you can try to come up with your own. If you would like to see some other suggestions please refer to this article.

What Kind Of Paper Should I Use?

You would think that Kami paper is too thin for origami boxes. But it always depends on the size and other factors. In my Square Tall Origami Twist Box, I used an overlap on the top that adds strength to the box. Therefore, I think Kami (paid link) is great for this particular box. I have tried this box also with construction paper, which was way to thick.

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