Origami is such a great challenge for school aged kids and these paper origami hearts can be easily added to a craftstick to make a fun bookmark – great as a Valentine’s Day craft for school kids…or just any day, really!

Origami is great for strengthening the essential, handwriting fine motor muscles of the fingers and hands, it requires children to concentrate closely and to follow a sequence of logical instructions. Plus it’s kind of addictive – you can’t just stop at one – our colourful school of origami fish is a case in point!

How to fold paper origami hearts

How to Fold a Paper Origami Heart

You will need:

  • Origami or craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue


1. Start with a square piece of paper – 3in x 3 in/8cm x 8cm placed diagonally on the table top.
2. Fold the top point to the middle, crease and open again.

How to fold origami hearts
3. Fold the top point to the middle crease.

Origami hearts folding instructions
4. Fold the bottom point all the way to the top.

How to make origami hearts

5. Fold the right side up diagonally so the bottom aligns with the middle of the heart.

How to fold origami hearts

6. Repeat for the left side.

Origami heart instructions
7. Flip the heart over.

Origami heart folding instructions
8. Make a small fold to each of the top points to flatten the top of the heart.

how to fold paper heart
9. Make a small fold to each of the side points.

How to make a paper heart
10. Glue these folds to secure. Flip over to see the completed paper origami heart.

How to fold an origami heart

Create a Paper Heart Bookmark

To use your completed origami heart to create a bookmark, you will need a craft stick, craft glue and marker pens (if you wish to colour the craft stick). Simply glue the heart to the tip of your decorated stick and your origami heart bookmark is done. Gift to a special friend this Valentine’s Day or any day!

Origami heart bookmark Valentine craft for school aged kids

Origami heart bookmark craft

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