My exploration into origami boxes continues, this time it’s the Origami Box with a Partition 整理箱 by Kazukuni Endo 遠藤和邦. You can find the diagram to this model in the NOA magazine Nr. 290, page 9.

Origami Box with a partition

General Information

This origami box is a single-sheet model that makes use of double colored paper to bring out the design of the box. You can use Kami or Double Sided (paid links) origami paper.

Origami Box with a partition

The diagram shows how to make a larger box that holds 4 smaller boxes to give you even more partitions. There is a guide that shows how the larger paper is in proportion to the smaller ones. Mine don’t fit 100%, but that was probably my fault.

Origami Box with a partition

Finished Model

The finished model holds the shape nicely, even with Kami paper. Furthermore, it is very stable and the box won’t open up by itself.

So if you have by any chance this magazine in your house, then I definitely recommend you to try it out.

If you are interested in another very beautiful origami box with a partition, why don’t you have a look at the Modular Origami Box by Tomoko Fuse?

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