For the longest time I’ve been wanting to fold this cute Origami Bag with Ribbons リボンのバッグ, designed by Masako Futawatari 二渡昌子. It is published in the NOA magazine Nr. 456, page 32.

Origami Bag with Ribbons

Give me some details to this cute origami handbag!

From looking at the finished fold, you would not believe that this is actually a one-sheet origami design. I swear (ok, we know that it’s bad to swear…), that I have not used any scissors or glue to finish this model. Only one sheet of either Kami or Double Colored origami paper (paid links).

Origami Bag with Ribbons

When I folded this origami handbag the first time I made some mistakes. I guess you can’t call this an easy model (for all of you beginners out there). But if you master your test fold, then you won’t have any problems doing it again.

Origami Bag with Ribbons

I suggest you start with quite large paper (anything 20 cm / 8 in or bigger). I am thinking about steps 33 and 34, when you need to collapse your handles. If your paper (especially when trying first time) is too small, you won‘t find the correct position to collapse. I folded my two smaller origami ribbon handbags with 15 cm paper, and these above mentioned steps were not fun to complete. But I did it anyway ;).

This particular Origami Handbag is part of a category in origami called “Practical Origami” if you are interested in another beautiful design (but modular), why don’t you have a look at the Modular Origami Box by Tomoko Fuse?

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