I have given this particular heart origami to multiple grooms.  This origami isn’t exactly easy, but it is one you can do if you aren’t a first time folder.  Without further ado the dollar bill origami heart with flower.

You are probably wondering why I would make this folded money for a groom.  Well, mainly because sometimes you know the groom, but not the bride. You can make the dollar origami dress when you know the bride or are attending the shower.   But only a small number of grooms want a dress. But it feels like I still need to make a gift that symbolizes wedding. A heart is a great option for that.

I could share a story about how I decided to give this to a nephew when he got married and I hardly knew his bride.  But, that’s boring. How about you grab some money and fold the heart. Or if you prefer you could fold one of these Dollar Origamis

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  • Dollar origami dress