Continuing my journey into all kinds of origami roses, today’s model is the 1 Minute Origami Rose (Step 2) from a crease pattern. This origami rose was created by Toshikazu Kawasaki. This specific model is published as a crease pattern and diagram, and you can find it in the book “The Greatest Dream Origami” (paid link), page 11.

1 Minute Origami Rose from a Crease Pattern

An Origami Rose from a Crease Pattern?

At first you might be reluctant to try an origami rose entirely only from a crease pattern. Especially that we all like to have the folding experience when doing origami. This particular model has curved folds that can only be applied if you copy the crease pattern onto a sheet of paper.

The reason the book provides this model in this way is to teach you how to fold the 1 Minute Origami Rose. This is actually the second step. The first step was the exercise that resulted in a Long Origami Rose. The third step is the folding of the actual 1 Minute Rose.

1 Minute Origami Rose from a Crease Pattern

Even though the model exists as a crease pattern, the book explains in step by step instructions how to apply mountain and valley folds, so you can finish the rose even with little experience.

Easy Way to Accomplish this Model

You could just place a thin sheet of Kami over the CP in the book and trace it. But I don’t think this is the best way, as you probably will damage your book if you fold this model a few times. A better way is to create your own template. So I copied the crease pattern onto a transparent paper (which I then keep in my book), and then trace it from it.

My Personal Tip

When you copy the design onto the paper you will be using, you don’t have to transfer all the lines (and keep holding the paper, and hoping it does not shift). What I did, I marked only the points where the lines meet and only traced the curved 4 lines. After I removed the template, I used a ruler and scored the remaining lines. This way seemed to be easier and more accurate.

1 Minute Origami Rose from a Crease Pattern

Watch out for

Be sure to watch out that you copy the design over from the correct side, otherwise you would need to follow the steps mirrored. That happened actually to me. I was so eager to try the model, that I traced it onto the wrong side. If you look, the design is not symmectrical.

Which Paper Should You Use?

I used Kami (paid link), and the origami roses turned out ok. They did have some unwanted wrinkles (as you need to crease a curve), but the result still looked beautiful. Kami is also thin enough, so you can place the template underneath and trace it from there. Any thicker paper, you will need to do it the opposite way.

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